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At San Luis High School, we take our mission seriously and are "dedicated to a collaborative culture of respect and high achievement." Our educators are ensuring that this is happening everyday.

Principal's Message

To The Wonderful Communities of San Luis and Greater Yuma County:

This year, the San Luis High School community accepted the challenge of Kid President to “be more awesome!” That means that we as a staff support the hopes and goals of all our wonderful Sidewinders. We also must build and foster growth in our Sidewinder community. There is no better way to do this than by making sure that our students are challenged, prepared, and supported through the Ready Now Yuma initiative.

As Kid President reminds us, history is made by ordinary people who decide to be more awesome. Along the way, these people had advocates, role models, and teachers who helped them achieve their dreams. At San Luis, we embrace our role as dream makers. We ensure that each one of our students is prepared for college and is career ready through a rigorous course load.

Through our Cambridge Curriculum, we provide our freshmen and sophomore students with inquiry-based courses that develop their problem solving and communication skills. As upper classmen, we challenge our students to learn via the Advanced Placement curriculum, Career and Technical Education programs, and the arts. When they leave our campus, our students will go on to achieve wonderful things. We want our Sidewinders to be as awesome as they can be.

We have worked hard to develop a culture where students feel challenged as well as supported and prepared. While maintaining rigorous curricula, we also focus on supporting our Sidewinders in their quest for awesomeness through tutoring, summer bridge programs for freshmen, as well as an environment that allows students to retake assessments to achieve a higher level of mastery. Through these efforts, we hope to create young adults that are ready to do BIG things in the future—to be ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We are awesome!

Fran Rodriguez

Fran Rodriguez

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